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Infographics 101 for public health professionals

Infographics have proven to be an effective and popular tool for knowledge transfer in public health.

Chances are, your team is doing important public health work and you are constantly communicating results with your partners.

At times you and your team have even considered using an infographic to communicate findings, but the thought of designing one just feels so daunting.

You’ve probably even asked yourself:
Where do we start?
What tools do we need?
How do we even know if we’re doing this correctly?
Where does our communication team fit in?

This is where the Infographics 101 for Public Health Professionals course can help you and your team!

Learn the basics of design and infographics

Our course summarizes exactly what you need to know to begin designing your infographic. We teach you everything you need to know about design, the tools you need to use, and the process to follow. You walk away with the confidence to design public health infographics.

We have two options for your team!

Self-paced online course

Group rates available

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Hands-on workshop

15 people

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Here are some examples of public health organizations using infographics in their work

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